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Boy 1970 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 7.6
  • 105 mins.
  • 1970

A family of four lives off of scams in which they pretend to be injured by automobiles. After suffering an injury during the war, the father believes he is an invalid. He and his wife have a 10-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl. The adults pretend to be injured by...

Genre: Drama

Cast: Fumio Watanabe, Akiko Koyama, Do-yun Yu, Tsuyoshi Kinoshita

Boynu Bükükler 2014 Subtitles

  • TV Series
  • IMDb N/A
  • N/A mins.
  • 2014


Genre: Comedy

Cast: Ahmet Saraçoglu, Gün Koper, Çaglar Ertugrul

Day of the Outlaw 1959 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 7.3
  • 92 mins.
  • 1959

Rival cattlemen join forces to fight off outlaws.

Genre: Western

Cast: Robert Ryan, Burl Ives, Tina Louise, Alan Marshal, Venetia Stevenson

That Day, on the Beach 1983 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 7.7
  • 166 mins.
  • 1983

Two friends who haven't seen each other for thirteen years reunite. One is a successful concert pianist just back from a European tour and the other has just started a new business.

Genre: Drama

Cast: Sylvia Chang, Terry Hu Yin-Meng, Hsu Ming, David Mao, Hsiao Hou-Tao

Piranha 1978 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 5.9
  • 94 mins.
  • 1978

When flesh-eating piranhas are accidently released into a summer resort's rivers, the guests become their next meal.

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast: Bradford Dillman, Heather Menzies, Kevin McCarthy, Dick Miller, Barbara Steele

The Childhood of a Leader 2016 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 6.2
  • 115 mins.
  • 2016

This chilling fable about the rise of fascism in the 20th Century tells the story of a young American boy living in France in 1918 whose father is working for the US government on the creation of the Treaty of Versailles. What he witnesses helps to mold his beliefs –...

Genre: Drama

Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Liam Cunningham, Robert Pattinson, Stacy Martin, Yolande Moreau

Exorcismo 1975 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 4.6
  • 90 mins.
  • 1975

A priest struggles to save the life of a young woman who is possessed by the malevolent spirit of her father.

Genre: Horror

Cast: Paul Naschy, Maria Perschy, María Kosty, Mercedes Molina, Joan Llaneras

Chicago Fire 2012 Subtitles

  • TV Series
  • IMDb 7.9
  • 60 mins.
  • 2012

An edge-of-your-seat view into the lives of everyday heroes committed to one of America's noblest professions. For the firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51, no occupation is more stressful or dangerous, yet so rewarding and exhilarating. These courageous men and women are among the elite who forge...

Genre: Action, Drama

Cast: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker, Kara Killmer, David Eigenberg

The Last Days 2013 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 6.2
  • 100 mins.
  • 2013

2013. A mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet. Humanity develops an irrational fear of open spaces that causes instant death. Soon, the world population is trapped inside buildings. As Barcelona descends into chaos, Marc sets off on a quest to find Julia, his missing girlfriend, without ever going outside.

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi

Cast: Quim Gutiérrez, José Coronado, Marta Etura , Leticia Dolera, Ivan Massagué

Trespass 1992 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 6.2
  • 101 mins.
  • 1992

Two Arkansas firemen, Vince and Don, get hold of a map that leads to a cache of stolen gold in an abandoned factory in East St. Louis. What they don't know is that the factory is in the turf of a local gang, who come by to execute one of...

Genre: Action, Thriller

Cast: Bill Paxton, Ice-T, William Sadler, Ice Cube, Art Evans

Watch Over Us 2015 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 4.5
  • 72 mins.
  • 2015

A family living with their grandpa find out that there's more than meets the eyes at their families' barn.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Cast: Avery Kristen Pohl, Ella Schaefer, Daniel Link

Super Nani 2014 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 4.5
  • 133 mins.
  • 2014

The movie revolves around how an Indian woman, Bharti, who sacrifices her life for her children and husband, and yet they do not value her or her sacrifices, and they all maltreat her. Then tables turn when her grandson, Mann comes to her rescue. He gets her modeling assignments which...

Genre: Drama

Cast: Rekha, Sharman Joshi, Randhir Kapoor, Shweta Kumar, Anupam Kher

Maleficent 2014 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 7.0
  • 97 mins.
  • 2014

A beautiful, pure-hearted young woman, Maleficent has an idyllic life growing up in a peaceable forest kingdom, until one day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the land. Maleficent rises to be the land's fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal – an act that begins...

Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Romance

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Juno Temple

The Veil 2017 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 3.5
  • 86 mins.
  • 2017

Set in a war-torn land where tribal factions live in fear of annihilation, the film tells the story of a deadly warrior leading a destructive war campaign. When he is betrayed by his own and left for dead, he is healed by a mysterious princess and taken in by a...

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Cast: William Levy, William Moseley, Serinda Swan, Nick E. Tarabay, Adam Gregory

Monkeybone 2001 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 4.7
  • 93 mins.
  • 2001

After a car crash sends repressed cartoonist Stu Miley (Fraser) into a coma, he and the mischievous Monkeybone, his hilariously horny alter-ego, wake up in a wacked-out waystation for lost souls. When Monkeybone takes over Stu's body and escapes to wreak havoc on the real world, Stu has to find...

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Bridget Fonda, John Turturro, Chris Kattan, Giancarlo Esposito

The New Girlfriend 2015 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 6.5
  • 105 mins.
  • 2015

A young woman makes a surprising discovery about the husband of her late best friend.

Genre: Drama

Cast: Anaïs Demoustier, Romain Duris, Raphaël Personnaz, Isild Le Besco, Aurore Clément

Bone Trouble 1940 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 7.3
  • 9 mins.
  • 1940

Pluto wakes up in the morning seeing birds eating his dish. Pluto's dish is empty, and he is hungry. He goes after the bone in the dish ofButch the bulldog, who is sleeping next door. He sneaks carefully trying to not wake him up. Though he succeeds in stealing the...

Genre: Family, Animation, Comedy

Cast: Lee Millar

Pluto Junior 1942 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 6.8
  • 7 mins.
  • 1942

While Pluto naps, his son gets into scrapes with various other animals and other hazards. Pluto eventually wakes up and comes to his rescue.

Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy

Cast: Pinto Colvig

Pluto's Kid Brother 1946 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 6.4
  • 7 mins.
  • 1946

Pluto's kid brother, K.B., keeps getting into trouble. When Butch the bulldog passes by, K.B. latches onto him. Butch gets K.B. to crawl into a meat market through a small slot. Pluto comes along, they tussle and set off the burglar alarm, which brings the dogcatcher, who grabs Butch.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Cast: Pinto Colvig

Haunted - 3D 2011 Subtitles

  • Movie
  • IMDb 6.3
  • 143 mins.
  • 2011

A Realtor encounters two ghostly entities while attempting to sell a mansion.

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast: Mimoh Chakraborty, Tia Bajpai, Achint Kaur, Mohan Kapoor, Sanjay Sharma