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The Sure Thing English Subtitle

The Sure Thing Subtitle

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100 Mins.

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1 March 1985

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8 Months, 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 15 Hours, 51 Minutes Ago

Gib, a beer-guzzling slob, and Alison, an uptight Ivy-Leaguer, are an unlikely duo stuck together on a cross-country trip during Christmas break. At first they get on each other's nerves but, as time passes, they find their divergent natures complement each other. Now they need to realize what they've already found before it's too late.

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  • Hearing Impaired Supported: No
  • Creator: Kidrah
  • Framerate: 25.000
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The Sure Thing English Subtitle Preview

00:02:02,660 --> 00:02:04,300
Consider outer space.

00:02:04,540 --> 00:02:07,460
From the time of the first NASA mission,
it became evident...

00:02:07,540 --> 00:02:11,180
that being in space has a profound effect
on the human psyche.

00:02:11,220 --> 00:02:14,540
During the first Gemini mission,
some thought was actually given...

00:02:14,620 --> 00:02:17,860
to the notion

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